About Mnie

Hello!  I am Catherine M. Skrzypek, and I am a children’s librarian at the at the Brooklyn Public Library.  The last name is of Polish provenance (translation: “violinist”; pronunciation: ‘Scri’ as in ‘scribble’ + ‘peck’=Scri-peck ).  Apparently my forebears decided in 1348 or 1441 that they weren’t going to mess with a lot of boring old vowels when raddest letters like z, c, h, j were there to sprinkle about with wild abandon.  Hence, the name of this blog.  Strict alphabetical order is a necessary and useful thing for our library shelves (and no, close enough is nowhere near good enough if you’re  tempted to shelve Zindel before Yolen in my library).  But there are moments in this profession when you just have to put that  Z before the Y, if only to see what will happen. Those are the occasions I will try to write about here.

Mnie=”me’ in Polish.

Disclaimer: I barely know how to speak or read Polish.  Google Translate gets tons of credit for making it appear like Krakow is my krib.


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