Les 1,000 Yodas d’Origami Update

23 Aug

I count my Origami Yodas every Friday.  In case any of you– my two or three most zealous readers– have been brooding since my previous Yoda briefing, “I wonder how many Yoda’s they’re up to in Brooklyn, New York?”,  brood no further.  We have made significant progress this week, and I am praying for all it’s worth optimistic that we’ll reach our goal of 1,000 by 6:00 p.m. EST, next Friday.

So without further ado, here’s where we are, in sparklies for dramatic impact…

694 YodasAs Yoda himself might say, “Yes!  Hmmmmm.”

Which means, doing the math, we have 306 Yodas to go.  I know we can do it!  Instead of weekly tallies, I have switched to a daily countdown, which I am doing on our whiteboard.  I’ll update it every day from Saturday until next Friday:

Yoda's not messing around.  He means business.

Yoda’s not messing around anymore. He means business.

The whiteboard caught the attention of a lot of patrons on Friday, and it is certainly doing its duty in building up a feeling of desperation about whether or not we can meet our goal.  We handed out papers and instruction sheets all day long today and I walked a number of kids through folding their first Yoda’s in between answering reference questions.

As soon as we reach 1,000, I’ll put up a celebratory post, and then I’ll reward myself with a brownie sundae.  In the meantime, I’ll wrap up this post with a lovely surprise I got today in the mail.  A little background first.   Three years ago, I had a FANTASTIC intern from France.  Her name is Perrine, and she spent an entire semester with us in the Central Library Youth Wing.  She and I are friends on Facebook and she has been following our progress with the 1,000 Origami Yoda campaign with a lot of enthusiasm.  She messaged me recently and hinted that an envelope from her was on its way to Brooklyn.  It arrived early this afternoon, and it contained this handsome monsieur:

Perrine Yoda

C’est un saber laser de tricolor! Tres awesome!

Merci once again, Perrine!  And merci to all of you who have been folding and following along.



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