1,000 Origami Yodas Update

18 Aug

Let’s review.  I did an Origami Yoda program last month, which I wrote about here.  After the program, I embarked on a (cockamamie?) campaign to get the kids in the library to fold 1,000 of Dagobah‘s sole resident (that being Yoda, of course) by August 30th.  It’s time to check in and reveal our progress.

Well, we’re looking at a good-news, daunting-news situation here.  The good news is we have passed the half-way mark!  As of Friday afternoon, we were at…

Yoda Sign Aug 16

Can I get a WHOOP?

Which makes the daunting news that we have 487 Yodas left to fold.  In less than two weeks.

Don’t look so dumbfounded, Yoda. It’s doable.

I am determined to get to the magic number of 1,000.  De-ter-mined.  When time permits, I’ll host a couple more folding parties, where I park myself and my supplies at a table on the open floor, and give away little prizes to everyone who stops and learns how to make a Yoda.  I’ve recruited my stookiest Superfolders at these folding parties.  On Friday, I was fretting about getting the 17 Yodas we needed to reach 500 before the weekend began, when lo and behold, a brother and sister Superfolder pair from my second party walked in with 20 Yodas in a Ziploc bag.  As Yoda might put it, “Save my bacon they did”.

Another strategy I am using to recruit folders is to hold a raffle.  A colleague gave me a copy of the new Origami Yoda book, The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett, and I decided to give it away to one lucky winner.  For every 10 Yodas turned in, we give the child one ticket for the raffle.  The more Yodas, the more chances to win!  To publicize the contest, I asked to have it posted on the Brooklyn Public Library’s Family Page on Facebook, and I taped signs at every children’s computer on our Tech Loft.  I also put up this whiteboard at the desk, next to our Yoda Box:

Jabba SignA couple of colleagues and I have also been folding like there’s no tomorrow.  Maybe the strain of Summer Reading is starting to make us crack up, maybe it’s the magnitude of the Yoda project, but we’re getting a little loopy when the time comes to draw faces on our Yodas.

Miss Piggy, courtesy of my colleague Leigh.

Miss Piggy, courtesy of my colleague Leigh.

Three of the Seven Dwarfs, also the work of Leigh.

Three of the Seven Dwarfs, also the work of Leigh.

These are mine: Sad Clown, Vampira, and Yalie Yoda.

These are mine: Sad Clown, Vampira, and Yalie Yoda.

This is no longer a marathon.  Instead, it has become a mad, frenzied sprint to a finish line that is 487 miles away.  But I have no doubt we can do it, Brooklyn!  Any advice, Yoda?

Yoda Rallying Cry

Sounds good to me.

I’ll post a final tally at the end of the month.  Wish us luck!



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